The AC Rochat Company was created by Agenor Rochat in 1927, providing refrigeration and HVAC installation/service to the eastern Tennessee region. Among many others, Agenor Rochat employed his younger brother John and in later years after his service during the Korean War, Sidney Guignard.


Forty years later in 1967, John Rochat bought the assets of the company from Agenor; changing the name to Rochat’s HVAC Service.


And several years later in 1978, after working in the HVAC industry most of his adult life; Sidney Guignard acquired the HVAC installation division from his cousin John Rochat and named his new company: Rochat’s Four Seasons Comfort. At that time, John Rochat retained the HVAC service division and they continued to operate both companies from a joint location on Nash Road.


In 1981, Four Seasons Comfort bought their first brand new vehicle – a white 1981 Chevrolet Step van.


In the early 1980s, the company’s focus began to shift from residential to light commercial offices and retail. And around 1987, the HVAC installation division grew substantially to serve the rapidly expanding retail market, installing HVAC systems in shopping malls from Atlanta to the Tri-Cities area.


In the early 1990s, the company developed a custom fabrication division manufacturing architectural sheet metal from stainless steel, copper and aluminum.


By 1991 due to growth of the operation, the company moved to a new independent location on Wilder Place in east Knoxville; by now they had dropped Rochat’s from their name and were known as Four Seasons Comfort.


“Rochat’s” was dropped from their name, and they were known as Four Seasons Comfort.


And in 1996 the company was incorporated, bringing Sidney’s son Randy Guignard into ownership and adding the Inc to Four Seasons Comfort, Inc.


In 1997, the company formed a new division named Guignard Mechanical Systems or GMS; specializing in dust collection and fume control equipment, with an emphasis on solutions for the nuclear remediation industry.


In late 1999, the company had again expanded and a new facility was built at our present location on Dutch Valley Drive. And in 2000, the service division of Rochat’s Four Seasons Service was purchased from John Rochat, when he retired; all operations were combined by late fall of 2000 and the company was now simply known as Four Seasons Company..


Through the early 2000’s we have developed links with many national retail tenants and commercial customers for HVAC service.


By late in 2010, all divisions(GMS, Service and Four Seasons Company) were brought back under the central umbrella and the company name was simplified to the Four Seasons, Inc as we know it today.
And in 2011, after a long and distinguished career, Sidney Guignard retired from Four Seasons, Inc; though he still keeps a keen eye on what we are doing.


By 2014, our facilities were again in need of expansion and the company purchased the adjoining lot for a staging area.


Today, Four Seasons, Inc is known as a premier leader for HVAC retrofit/renovations in the commercial, institutional and educational sectors. We have a proven track record of completing tough academic facility and school projects on-time and within budget. In addition, our educational equipment package includes the exclusive Revolutionaire line of classroom units, which offers a cost-effective solution for replacement of the typical aging unit ventilators that many school districts own.